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KEEPING KOSELIG! is a Norwegian-American lifestyle blog.  An online destination where Nordic culture and traditions take center stage through cooking, home design, fashion, travel, art, celebrations, and more!  Be inspired to create a Nordic Koselig lifestyle unique to you! is your passport to a truly happy and cozy Nordic experience with guidance for you to uncover the perfect tools needed to bring out your Norwegian heritage.  Enjoy my simple approach to learning about the culture and hopefully you learn a little about yourself or your neighbors along the way too!

'Koselig' is a Norwegian term often translated to 'cozy' in English, but in reality it goes quite a bit deeper and has no direct translation.  The definition can be described as a feeling of warmth, comfort and it can come in many forms.  Koselig can be felt while spending time with loved ones or cuddling with your significant other by the fireplace on a cold winter day.  It's like feeling a smile in your heart all the way to your toes when you do your favorite things, whatever they may be.  Koselig is pure joy and happiness mixed with a feeling of content and is unique to each person.  'Hygge' is the Danish version, the Swedes use the term 'mys' while the Finns find their own 'coziness' in 'lӓmpöӓ'. 

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Born and raised on a farm outside Decorah, IA, I grew up surrounded by Scandinavian influences (primarily Norwegian) which makes sense because according to my elders I have 100% Norwegian roots despite my family being in the US for over 150 years! Crazy right? I graduated high school as a Decorah Viking then went on to attend Luther College in Decorah graduating as a Norseman. Unfortunately my graduate program did not have a Scandinavian mascot, but my MBA at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN was worth every penny nonetheless.


To back up a bit, while attending Luther I took a number of courses in the Scandinavian Studies program. I was one course short of a minor (due to a little senioritis), but I learned so much about myself and my roots that I have continued to research the culture ever since. 


I now live in Minneapolis, MN with my hubby Tor and our dog Brin in our home that we renovated ourselves. I have been blogging since 2014 when I began our home renovation blog called I have always wanted to be my own boss, but the inspiration for this blog came in the fall of 2016 after my husband and I had suffered two miscarriages. I felt a longing for more purpose than what my 8-5 career can give me and believed that I should take advantage of some free time as our life goes a little off script from what we had planned.  We then suffered a third miscarriage in 2017. Having this blog has helped me to focus on things that make me happy when I need a mental break from everything else. 


I have owned a photography business always had a creative eye and love to travel. I also have experience as a professional marketing manager creating and executing marketing plans for a major consumer brand at large US retailers. This includes social campaigns working directly with bloggers.  In addition to this, I am a guest writer for The Norwegian American newspaper and has been featured in Women's World magazine. 


My sincere wish is that you find your own 'koselig' through the inspiration within my blog. I invite you to sign up for the newsletter and follow me on Instagram @KeepingKoselig for ideas on Keeping Koselig!


Beste hilsen,



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A Norwegian - American Lifestyle Blog

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