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Today I get to tell you about some lovely people in my life, my Aunt Lynette and Uncle Huck, and a piece of art I created just for them. As you may be able to tell, I often find my version of Koselig by working with my hands and creating things I can share with others. The creative process I use does just that as it is very detailed work and showcases a place that is very meaningful to the recipient.

My aunt and uncle have always been very supportive of everyone in our entire family. I admire my aunt very much due to her ability to stay connected with everyone in the family despite the fact that our immediate family is up to 61 people not counting some "plus ones" either and we are still growing with at least one more on the way! She has hosted Thanksgiving for 25 years and always has such a positive, happy spirit. My uncle is much of the same, but having served many years as a pastor and bishop his voice is so calming and supportive that you know he can be a resource for any type of obstical you may run into. I am serious about this because even Tor said before we were engaged that he wanted Huck to be part of our wedding service because his voice is just so amazing.

Anyway so I digressed a little there, but the point is that when my cousin Jenny reached out about making a special piece for Huck and Lynette for their 40th wedding anniversary, I didn't blink an eye before I said yes! This piece in particular is special for the two because for many years my aunt, uncle, and cousins would spend a few weeks in Door County, WI while Huck served as Guest Pastor at the church pictured on the left. This little town holds so many happy memories for their family that my cousin wanted a little something special to say thank you to them for everything they have done over the 40 years together.

If you are interested in commissioning me for a special piece yourself, connect with me on Facebook or fill out the contact form on the About Me page.

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