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One thing that makes me feel Koselig is spending time with very good friends on their special days. So when I missed my friend's bachelorette party due to another friend's wedding I thought… "well I have to make it up to her so I will host a shower!" With that, I was off with a goal of throwing the most wonderful shower ever!

The wedding is early May which means the shower will be in the middle of winter. This timing got my creative juices flowing more… or should I say fluttering like snowflakes! I looked out my window at the Minnesota winter and thought "wedding… shower… love… winter… AH WINTER LOVE! THAT'S IT!"

In the weeks to come I will be showcasing several elements of the shower planning process with my last blog in this series showing the event set up. It only makes sense to start out with the invite. I hope you enjoy the post and don't forget to come back for more details in the weeks to come!



Flea Market Fancy Heart Shaped Paper Clips

DCWV Paper Lace Cards DIY Project Stack

Gold Embossing Powder

VersaMark Clear Watermark Embossing Ink

Embossing Gun

Double-sided Adhesive


White Cardstock

Navy Cardstock



Small Glue Dots - Optional



  1. I love making things homemade, but sometimes store bought products are just so perfect that there is no need to try to recreate the wheel! On that note, the first step is to grab the DCWV Cards Project Stack and remove one white-scored card with laser cutout, one set of three glittery-scored envelope elements, and one gold foil rectangle cut out.

  2. Assemble the elements together following instructions included in the project kit. Don't have the instructions? Apply the two smaller elements along the non lacy edges on the two smaller glitter elements with the non lace half applied to the white side of the larger piece. The instructions show to apply to the back of the larger glitter piece, but I like the idea of the envelope looking seamless from the outside. Fold all three elements along the scored edges creating an envelope. Set this aside for now.

  3. Fold the white card along the scored edge.

  4. Apply the double-sided adhesive to the backside of the white laser cutout and attach the gold foil cutout underneath making sure that the reveal at the center is even all around. This is where the glue dots may come in handy for some. Set this aside for now.

For the pinecone I searched high and low for a punch or stamp and didn’t see anything I liked or that would fit the size I had in mind. Due to this, I had to create the pinecone the hard way… ok not that hard, but certainly not the easy way.

  1. Print a cute pinecone image off Google that stands about 1.5 to 2 inches tall.

  2. Cut out the image and trace onto navy cardstock

  3. Cut out the pinecone image from the navy cardstock and set aside.

  4. Cut a few small crescent moon shapes out of the navy paper.

  5. Take the pine cone shape and dap the edges in the VersaMark Ink.

  6. Sprinkle the gold embossing powder along the edges. The powder will stick to the ink. Tap off the extra powder if it sticks in areas that you don’t want it to be on.

  7. Repeat this on the small crescent shapes then use the embossing gun to melt the gold powder. Be careful with this step and use the tweezers to hold the pieces so your fingers don’t get burned! The embossing gun blows very hot air.

  8. Apply adhesive to the back side of the crescent shapes and adhere to the pine cone shape.

  9. Type and print invite details to the invite on white cardstock. Adhere to the inside of the white card with the pinecone in the center of the invite so it shows through the front cutout of the card.

  10. Place the invite inside the envelope and use a heart paper clip as a closure looping it through the lace elements of the envelope.



  1. You could just emboss the gold glitter to a larger piece and cut out the crescent shapes afterwards if you'd rather not risk your fingers getting burned.

  2. Use a stamp or punch to save time on the process!

  3. If you are mailing these, the card will certainly need extra postage with the heart paper clip. Skip the paper clip to allow the card to mail with a regular stamp.

  4. Mail your card and enjoy the many compliments from your attendees! Even though it wasn't entirely made from scratch, it still required some elbow grease so take enjoyment in saying it is hand made. You deserve it!

Snapshot of some of the starter supplies for the pinecone.

The embossing gun can get very hot so be sure to use the tweezer so your fingers stay safe!

The inside of the card showing the details of the event.

A final look of the card inside the envelope. So cute and special for an oh so special friend of mine.


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