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Part 3 of the Winter Love series is a Welcome Wreath to set the tone of the party as guests arrive. Growing up on a farm meant spending time outside and one thing I realized when I moved to the Twin Cities is how much I miss the outdoors. We have many plants in our home to help us bring nature indoors in order to find a balance of privacy from our close neighbors and still get to feel the Koselig that I experienced on the farm. This project lets me do just that and share the love with those that I care for too!



Pine Branches

Wire Ribbon


3 Koselig Hearts (see link below)

Hot Glue and Gun

Stretch Cording

3M Command Hook and Adhesive

Pruning Scissor



  1. Gather pine branches from outdoors… or from your old Christmas Tree like I did.

  2. Assemble the branches in such a way that allows the back side to be as flat as possible and allows a fullness to the collection. You can easily prune off straggler branches as needed too.

  3. Secure the collection with the stretch cording at the base of the branches with a tight knot.

  4. Add the wire ribbon around the stretch cording covering as much of the tree branches as you want. Keep one loop of the ribbon around the branches loose so that you have something to grab hold of when hanging the wreath. Add a bow and twist extra ribbon around finger creating swirled ends.

  5. Use hot glue to keep the ribbon in place if it needs extra support and to attach any extra swirled tails.

  6. Cut twine to desired lengths and loop through the three Koselig Hearts securing the other end within the wreath. Instructions on how to create the Koselig Hearts can be found here.

  7. Use the wreath as a decoration for a special event or everyday home décor to bring some nature inside!



  1. Use artificial pine branches if you plan to hang the wreath long term. Real branches will dry out over time and start to lose their needles.

Supplies for the wreath. So much fun mixing tools from outside with tools inside!

A close up of the hearts dangling down. I love the blue on blue! Navy is the new black so I plan to use it much more often!

Here is a picture with the wreath up in our home. I plan to make more versions of this each year and perhaps always repurpose our Christmas Tree.


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