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After months of preparing, the big day finally came! Of course the real big day (wedding) isn't for a few more months, but it was so lovely to have good friends all together again that it was certainly a big day for me.

Below are the beautiful, hand-crafted details that brought the day together with links to each previous blog post with instructions. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed planning the event. Find your Koselig!



Norwegian Vaffles (Waffles) - regular and glutten free

The Sweet Sarah Vaffle

The Hike Vaffle

The Lunch Vaffle

The Good Morning Sunshine Vaffle

The Standard Vaffle

Pepperkagger (Ginger Snaps)




I made the sign out of navy and gold cardstock and hand printed "YUMMY WAFFLES, Lovely Bride" on it myself with a gold Sharpie. Totally in love with metallic Sharpies now.

The Sweet Sarah was named after my good friend and Bride to Be. She is such a naturally sweet person that it just made sense to name a waffle after her that included berries and a little home made whip cream.

The Hike Waffle is one of my favorites because it is so simple. Replace your typical PB&J setup with a waffle and enjoy at a shower or on a hike.

The standard is easy enough to explain since it is what most Americans usually have on their waffles. Butter and syrup are delicious at any time and even more so when they spread over cute heart shaped waffles. The waffles are very sweet themselves even though the recipe doesn't have a lot of sugar in them so be careful not to poor too much. I kind of like spreading butter over them, then rolling them up like a Chicago slice of pizza and dipping them in the syrup.

The Good Morning Sunshine Waffle was a fun way to incorporate some more typical breakfast foods into the menu. Some people enjoyed decorating their waffles with the eggs and bacon with one person laying the eggs in a little heart shape on top! She was really getting into it.

The lunch waffle was a party favorite as well. There was a lot of catching up to do with one another so we didn't dig into the food right away. It was a welcomed idea to have something that was a little more lunch-like for some people that broke the rules and had breakfast before they came.

Since the shower was a Saturday morning brunch, I went with Pepperkagger (Ginger Snaps). They are so yummy with coffee and of course because they look super cute hanging on the side of a cup. I think these stole the show since they are so easy to grab and go... you don't even need to carry them. Leave the napkin, just hang on your coffee!



My favorite part about prepping was working with my hands to create all of the beautiful elements that made the atmosphere so special. It is winter up here in Minnesota so keeping busy was a nice way to pass some time indoors. Each of these elements can be altered in so many ways to fit the desired themes of the party. Change out the gold hearts with balloons, stars, or pine trees!

I am lucky enough to be blessed with my friend Megan. Her house is so beautifully decorated and set up that taking cool pictures was a breeze. Here is her window seat decorated for the holidays. I just added the hearts in the window. The view adds to the koselig feeling for sure!

Here is a close up of the hearts in the window. I made the navy paper hearts into window hangers and also a garland which is pictured below. The gold hearts were just cut out using my Cricut and strung through gold-lined white twine to match the winter love theme.

This is one use of the heart garland. Again, Megan's house is perfect already that I didn't need much to dress it up!

Additional gold heart streamers are hanging in the windows inside the sunroom in the background as well.

Another view of the garland. Beautiful in windows and also as a backdrop on walls and doors.



To add some extra fun to the event, we played a few games and had some prizes for the winners. I decorated each gift differently since the prizes were the same inside. It made picking out the gifts for the winners more fun and it made my life easier by only having to pick out one kind of gift!

The three games we played were simple. We had a scratch off game with the groom's name hidden on one with celebrity names on the others. The ladies enjoyed figuring out who they had as "their man" with one woman jokingly saying "is it really winning if I get the groom? Oh I just got Brad Pitt!"

The gifts themselves were a handmade ornament by me using the same technique I used when making the heart garlands. I did however pick a thicker paper though so they would be durable for a longer period of time. I also purchased some pine cone fire- starters. I could have made these too, but took the shortcut this time and purchased them. No shame in using time wisely! The last part of the gift was a Swedish face soap called Lanoun-Agg-Tval. I love this soap and wanted to share with others! I highly recommend it!

All in all, I hope you found some cute and easy ways to keep your next event koselig!


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