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Ok, I know many people can relate... you wake up in the morning and are craving a sweet treat for breakfast, but at the same time you don't want to get out of bed and put lots of work into making anything. So if you are like me, you doze off again dreaming that when you wake up a beautiful breakfast will be waiting there just for you. Unfortunately I have tried this trick so many times, but it has never worked. In the absence of being able to will a scrumptious breakfast with my mind, I have reverted to some quick recipes that make it easier for me to get myself out of bed, make breakfast with minimal effort, and curb my sweet craving.


2 c cold water

Toro Pannekaker Mix

Cooking Spray



Mixing Bowl and Spoon

Frying Pan



Warming Towel

Makes 16 small pancakes



  1. Mix the dry pannekaker mix with water until well blended

  2. Spray fryer with cooking spray

  3. Pour the mix onto a frying pan with about 4 inches for diameter at burner at mid-high heat (not the highest level and not mid either)

  4. Cook for about 30 seconds on first side or until the pancake is beginning to golden and bubbles form. The spatula should be able to slip under the pancake without sticking

  5. Cook the opposite side for about 15-30 seconds. Both sides should be a golden brown.

  6. Stack on a plate then use the cotton dish towel to cover and keep warm



These pancakes are perfect served warm for breakfast with fresh fruit, jam, and syrup. They can also be served cold for a snack during the day paired with cheese or deli meat. In fact I have enjoyed Norwegian pancakes at the top of Preikestolen in Norway during a hike and my husband met a Norwegian student while volunteering at the local university for an architecture competition who had pancakes in her purse for a snack at any time of the day!



Storage is easy. Refrigerate for up to 5-6 days. Thats it!

A yummy close up shot of the pancakes. Drizzle with syrup or even put whip cream on top. The pancakes aren't as sweet as traditional American pancakes which is nice so you can enjoy for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a picnic with cheese and meat.

A quick shot of the pannekaker mix I used to make breakfast. I purchased this at Ingebreten's in Minneapolis, MN.

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