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Easter is quickly approaching and if you are one to celebrate this holiday you know that Norwegians and Americans have many of the same traditions, but they also have some differences. One tradition that we both share is decorating Easter eggs or Påskeegg as they say in Norway. I thought it would be fun to decorate them a little differently this year and was inspired by the many beautiful prints we often see adorn Scandinavian households.


Fresh Eggs - White

PAAS Golden Shimmer Egg Decorating Kit


  1. Hard boil the eggs and let sit until completely cool.

  2. Find an inspiring print or just copy me! I love the idea of simple steps making a beautiful piece of art for everyone to enjoy. Even the person making it while they are in progress since it isn't much of a hassle!

  3. Using the paint inside the PAAS kit, paint one side of each egg your color of choice. Purple does not come in the package, so I just mixed blue and pink together. By painting just one side you can easily handle the egg and also set it to rest while it dries. This paint is kind of sticky and does take longer than you think to fully dry.

  4. Once the eggs are dried, flip them over and paint the other side. Be careful to mix enough of the new colors (like purple) to paint both sides in one mixture batch so that the egg is all one color. If you run out, no worries... the ombre coloring effect is in style these days anyway!

  5. Once both sides are dry, if you are copying my design...use the back side of the little paintbrushes you get in the PAAS kit. Using the back side allows you to make a nice little dot. You may have to apply a few dots in the same spot to get your desired darkness, but the cute polka dot will be worth the extra steps if needed.

  6. Make the polka dot flowers all in the same color or mix and match. I even applied a darker purple to the center of the flowers on the purple egg! Let dry for 2-3 hours or until no longer sticky.

  7. Enjoy and decorate your home or give to friends!

The finished polka dot flowers sitting neatly as a flower themselves!

Work in progress photo showing that I didn't use a single fancy tool or art supply! It was so much fun that such a beautiful project can be made by spending less than $6 on everything you need!

There are a lot of varieties of the PAAS egg decorating kits available in the market. This is the one I used in this project. It came with the brushes, drying rack and even some dye tablets in case you want to color your eggs a lighter finish and just have shimmer in the flowers!

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