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Happy Easter to you and your family! We attended church this morning and I am always amazed to see so many people come together from all ages and all backgrounds to celebrate such a joyous day! My husband and I were ten minutes early to church, but we still managed to be late enough to land a spot in the second pew right behind the pastors. Which meant that when the service was going we essentially had front row seats.

One part of the service that has always had a special place in my heart is communion and Mount Olivet Church of Plymouth, MN (which we regularly attend) allows every person no matter age or religion to take part in the feast. As I sat there today with the best view in the house, I watched as an elderly man held his hands cupped together facing up all the while waiting in the long line, ready for his turn to take part in the meaningful blessing. Not long after him a young boy no older than 3 graciously took his bread then the woman with the wine bent slowly to offer a little cup of grape juice for him. He knew the drill having done it before and drank the cup then placed it in the discard basket so proud of himself. How sweet to be able to share in this feast with everyone, no exclusions at all. All there for the same reason, for Jesus and the blessing he gave us all when he died for our sins.

So now for you folk who just want to see the rolls recipe, I've got a surprise for you! There is no recipe! Let's be real, we love all the favorite traditional foods of the season, but sometimes you need to cut some corners to get everything on the table in time. I certainly can relate to that, but sometimes I like to have a little flare too so here is a quick "recipe" for tulip rolls in the name of Norway that often has seasonal shaped rolls adorn their beautiful Easter dinner tables. Less cooking, more time with family and friends to enjoy a koselig Easter meal.



1 bag frozen yeast dinner rolls

Butter - for drizzling

Makes as many rolls as you buy in your bag less the ones you eat along the way or mess up while getting crafty!



Baking Sheet(s)

Parchment Paper

Sharp Knife

Butter Brush

Decorative Napkins

Serving Bowl



1. Place rolls on parchment paper and baking sheets allowing them to rise according to the instructions on your dinner roll packaging.

2. Once the rolls have risen, take the knife and cut 2 triangles out of one side of the roll.

3. Use hands to gently form the roll into the tulip shape making the edges slightly straight and tucking under any extra dough. Do this with as little work as possible because the more you touch the dough, the more it will flatten losing the raised roll look.

3. Bake according to the instructions on the packaging.

4. Brush the rolls with a little butter on top giving them a glistening glow.

5. Place in serving bowl after having lined with some napkins or cloth. This will help keep the heat in the rolls.

6. Serve and enjoy!

The final step of this recipe is to place the rolls up high enough so that your 4 month old puppy cannot reach them. Once you do so, place them a snidge higher... I had placed ours on the table ready to be brought to Easter dinner yesterday and our puppy managed to get them anyway! She devoured 14 dinner rolls without a trace... it was if I hadn't even baked them!


Rolls rising! My package had 36 which was great so I could be certain I would have a serving dish full of beautiful tulip rolls and the not so pretty ones as a backup!

Here I am cutting the two triangles out of the top of one bun. It doesn't need to be perfect because no two flowers are ever the same either!

Here I shape the tulip into a little elongated shape giving straight edges to the sides.

These are the napkins I used. I purchased them at Ingebretsen's the day before this without the intention of using them anytime soon. I just thought they were cute.

Here is another photo of the finished product! Our dog Mae thought they were delicious. :)

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