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Yikes! Father's Day is coming up soon on Sunday, June 18th. Do you have your gift yet? If not, I have a perfect gift that your dad will surely love and I found it at Target!

Uff Da beer glass

First up is the pilsner beer glass. How cute is this glass? Pick up only one so your dad can enjoy a beer in his own unique glass or buy more so the entire family can enjoy them too. Who doesn't want to drink a cold one with a little Nordic and local flair all rolled into one? This retails at Target for $7.99 each.

You Betcha MN Coasters

Next up is a super cool coaster set. These are double sided with one side showing the state of Minnesota with the state name embossed in gold. The reverse side says "you betcha" with help in pronunciation. We Scandinavians know how to pronounce it of course, but for those who aren't it could be really helpful. These coasters are sold in a pack of 12 for $8.99 and are made of a thick paper, but coated to withstand water more than the cheap coasters you typically find at bars.

Uff Da notecards

Lastly are the note cards. Ok so if your dad is like my dad he probably doesn't hand write cards too often, but why not use one for your Father's Day card? Then you can keep the other 9 for yourself to use. Win-Win in my eyes! These cute cards are printed on blue with the same embossed gold "Uff Da" as printed on the pilsner glass. They retail for $9.99 as a 10 pack. I bought two packs and have a whole list of people in mind to send one too.

Uff Da Notecards, Beer Glass and You Betcha Coasters

So there you have it! The perfect little gift for the dad in your life that loves his heritage and home. These items would only be available in MN of course, but the Scandinavians are in more states than MN so perhaps your state has something similar. Way to go Target for offering such cute and special to us Minnesotans!

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