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Scandinavian Chairs - Refinished

I got lucky one day when a family friend called to see if I was interested in purchasing two Danish chairs that her sister had owned for many years. Her sister was moving into assisted living and didn't have room for them anymore. I said yes without even looking at them. She sold them to me for $50 total since there was damage to the chairs and the cushions were in need of replacement. I spent $50 on fabric and hired a woman from Limes Springs, IA to work with the cushions. In total I spent $327 for both chairs from start to finish. I did the refinishing of the wood myself.

Scandinavian Chairs - Refinished

Pictured above is the first chair as I sanded off the original finish. The chairs were oiled not stained which meant I didn't have to strip them. The picture to the left depicts the first chair after I had oiled it once with the original condition of the second chair in the foreground. I sanded first with 150 sandpaper making sure to move in the same direction of the grain. I then sanded with 220 to buff out anything minor still showing. I used mineral spirits to clean the chairs off, letting them sit for a few hours before I applied the first coat of teak oil. I did two applications of oil using a dry cloth to clean any residual oil between coats.

Scandinavian Chairs - Refinished

Here is a final picture of the project. Both chairs turned out great, however I wasn't finished with the second one by the time I took this picture. They will ultimately be placed together in the basement when we finish that space. I chose the blue fabric to depict our love for Scandinavia (and to match our front door).

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