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Mmmmm... with fall weather comes fall flavors and a long break until swimsuit season. With that in mind, I figured I would feature a yummy new recipe that is delicious enough to satisfy everyone!

This recipe can be found in Melisaa Bahen's Scandinavian Gatherings recipe book and includes a number of appetizing flavors such as brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, ground cloves and of course sugar. It also includes approximately four pears so you don't need to feel all that guilty about eating it. It is topped with homemade whipping cream and caramel. I prefer to eat it warm so the flavors really melt together. Due to that, the whipping cream is a little melted in my photo below. I did add extra caramel to my slice, but offset the calories some by putting a few fresh pears on top too. I highly recommend this cake for anyone entertaining this fall or even for someone to enjoy all alone.

My pears ready to go. When making this cake be sure to use ripe pears. It makes the final product that much more tasty!

Here the cake is cooling. If you are looking for some fun new bundt cake shapes skip the retail stores and head to a second hand shop. I bought four new pans last week for less than $6 and they all look brand new!

Here is the cake as it continues to cool out of the pan. It is tricky to know when to take this cake out of the pan to cool because it is very dense and heavy making it prone to breakage. I let it sit for twice as long as the recipe called for before removing it from the pan.

The final yummy product! I have to admit that I have enjoyed a piece for breakfast, lunch, and dinner of the past couple days. It has fresh fruit so why not?

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