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Koselig Hunder (Dogs)

I mentioned awhile back in our maternity photo shoot that I would designate a special blog post to the little jackets I made for the dogs. I will start out by saying that I am not great at sewing. I have only done a little bit of it in my life so these are no means beautifully executed, but they are made with lots of love and that is what counts. Plus it means that anyone can do it! You don't need to be an expert!

At first I thought about getting a pattern to follow for this project. Then I thought I would take the dogs measurements and create the perfect fit. Then I thought better of all of that and used a jacket we already had that I knew fit the dogs to copy. Brilliant! For those of you looking for something more particular, I recommend checking There are always patterns of things on there for sale. Pictured above are just two shots of my works in progress. The left photo shows how pinned the edges and the second shows the main piece completed.

I have also since learned that it is very difficult to get pictures of the dogs in such a way that I can show all the elements of the jackets. In this attempt I was trying to get a picture of Brin's color. I used a leftover Norwegian sweater clasp to add a special touch to the jacket. The neckline is really connected by velcro so that it can be adjusted for her size. I purchased the ribbon at Walmart which means it isn't really Scandinavian, but I thought it gave a more modern look to the design. Mae is just photobombing in this picture.

Here is another not so great picture, but it shows the side view of the jackets. I added a little pocket to the back of the jacket because everyone loves pockets and lined the top edge with more of the same ribbon. I also put a strap across the belly to help keep the jacket in place. In this case Brin was playing pretty hard with Mae and the strap started to unstick. Mae was grabbing at everything here as if the jacket was a toy. She treats everything like a toy.

I shared a very similar picture to this in our maternity photo blog post. Since it is the only nice picture of the dogs wearing their jackets I thought I would share it again. Lastly I wanted to point out that the fabric itself is merino wool and I purchased it on These little things don't take much fabric so only a yard is really necessary. Of course if you aren't an expert it wouldn't hurt to get a little more just in case. The fabric isn't itchy which is great when you are trying with all your might to get two dogs to sit still in a photo. No need to add any other unnecessary annoyances.

On that note, good luck to anyone that ventures out to make something similar. Please don't hesitate to ask more questions through our contact page. I am just an ordinary person that tries a lot of new crafty projects out for fun. That means anyone else can try it too!

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