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Want to Learn Norsk?

I do! I do! I do!

Alright so I took norsk while attending Luther College and studied abroad at the Universitet i Oslo, but that was over 10 years ago. It is fair to say a little brushing up is in order.

I took the liberty of doing a few things to get reacquainted with the language one of which was to bombard my house with vocabulary stickers! I got these stickers inside a language book I purchased online called Norwegian in 10 Minutes a Day. It came with about 200 stickers with household vocabulary.

I spent an afternoon placing them all over my house about a year ago. My husband came home to our home speckled with little yellow and green stickers all over. He settled into the idea only to later find I stuck one to his wallet too. He was a little less than pleased to see a sticker on his wallet the next morning, but kept it on there for me.

Many of them are still up around the house. Some have worn out and eventually came off. The theory is that if you say the name of an object in a foreign language as you grab the item then you will eventually just attach the word to the item. If all else fails, they are great conversation pieces when guests come over! People love walking around try to figure out how to pronounce everything. It gives me more practice too.

Here is the book I have. It also comes with a CD that runs through a lot of vocabulary and some music at the end. I put the CD in my car and play it every once and awhile on a long car ride. It is kind of a little quiz to see how many I can remember. Lastly, the book is full of worksheets to practice too!

There are of course other ways to learn norsk. I will feature those in upcoming blog posts. In the meantime however, this is a great inexpensive option to utilize. Lykke til og ha det gøy!

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