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Quilling Cards

I stumbled upon these cards while on a walk during maternity leave and just had to buy a stash even though I make greeting cards myself. With the intricate design and attention to detail they caught my attention right away. The pictures I took don't really do them justice because they are created through a fine art technique called quilling.

Quilling is the process of spinning thin strips of paper into spirals and then molding them into various shapes coming together in one final beautiful design. Iconic Quilling is the creator of these sweet shapes. Honestly I was in their art fair booth for about 20 minutes just admiring all of the options. I have a hard time spending money on cards when I already have about 1,000 greeting cards at home that I have personally made, therefore I was being picky about which ones I picked. There were so many amazing ones to pick from!

Up first here is the Data Horse design. This one jumped out for obvious reasons. The red color is darling with the blue, white and yellow accents. The cards retail for $8.00 - $8.50 for a 5x7 depending on where you purchase them. I am currently working on setting up my own little shop and would love to have these for sale. Keep checking in to see if I get them listed. Once my shop is set up I will send an announcement out too.

This card is just darling as well. Inspired by traditional Scandinavian colors and elements, this arrangement of flowers is sure to delight anyone in your life. My mother in law loves flowers and loves the color blue so she will be getting this card for her birthday in October (if I can part with it).

The Monarch Butterfly has a special place in my heart because it is Minnesota's state butterfly. I grew up seeing them everywhere as a kid and now I feel like they are becoming as rare as a unicorn! Ok maybe less rare, but close. Depending on how our nursery shakes out, I might end up framing this card as decoration and a reminder of how precious our mother earth is.

I love this card too because we all know dandelions are beautiful as much as they may annoy us. We grew up picking dandelions and blowing on them to make a wish. Considering that there is no printed sentiment, one could use this card for any occasion.

Check out their website for more information and let me know which ones you would like to see in my shop! Perhaps I can get some custom designed cards as well.

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